You Dont Know What You Got Till Is Gone Essay

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“You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Beep…beep…beep…beep____________________________ “Get the crash cart, she’s going into cardiac arrest, move the kid”. That’s the life support my mom was on and that was it telling us that my mom was passing over to the other side. Let me back up just a tad bit for you, I am 12 years old in the hospital with my whole family watching over my mom as she slowly slips away from me and my family. She is in the hospital because she has cancer and the doctors are trying to treat it. Those are the doctors also bringing in the crash cart to try to give my mom life, and the doctor telling the nice nurse to move me away so I didn’t have to see it. But its little too late, my mom, and me have died, the doctors were too late. When my Mom died I was in shock because I thought, actually made myself believe that nothing like this would ever happen to me and my family. It happened so fast, I didn’t even know till her last week, so I didn’t even get that much time with her. I was devastated for months, for years, and still now as I write this. When it happened it seemed like I lost a part of myself, like part of me died with her seeing that my life was my mom, we did everything together. We played catch together, we played basketball and she would always win because she tickled me the whole time so I couldn’t shoot. She also went to every football practice and game for me, to watch me, she was the reason why I played and the motivation for me to want to play. It was strange though, because about a couple of weeks before she looked fine and like nothing was wrong, then the next thing I knew my dad pulled me aside and told me “Mom is in the hospital, and she has Cancer”, and then she was gone. My mom was like an idol to me, I want to be just like her, and have so much fun and be so successfully like her. Spending time with my

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