You Decide Business Law Essay

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You Decide: Agency General Partnership Limited Liability Who is at Fault? Factual Summary Coleman worked for Software Inc., a Delaware based corporation that sells security equipment to businesses and bars. Coleman duties was to include traveling to prospective clients and meeting with representatives of the businesses in his sales division. Coleman was on the road more than half a year, and worked for Software, Inc. for over 17 years. In March 2008, during a sales trip to Smalltown, Colorado Coleman went to the mall to buy his wife an anniversary present. Coleman seen a ring he could not afford, so he stole it. Next, Coleman went to Jimmy’s Poor-Man Bar to meet a client by the name of John. Although Jimmy’s was not a client of Coleman’s, John did not like his customers to see him do business. As Coleman was talking with Jimmy about business he spilled his drink all over the bar. This made Coleman think of a trick where you put grain alcohol in your mouth, blow it out, and light it. Coleman did the trick that resulted in killing Jimmy instantly and setting the bar on fire. The bar suffered severe damage. After the incident Coleman, was fired by Software, Inc. without an interview to find out what happened. Software Inc.’s handbook requires all employees to be interviewed before termination. One week later, Coleman call John to make amends, and stated that the company as well as himself was sorry for what had taken place and wanted to invite him to dinner in which Coleman stated the company would foot the bill. Coleman and John went to a restaurant and got into an argument with John because John called him fat. Coleman then punched John in the eye, causing severe eye damage. Issues at Hand Jimmy’s mother his only heir, John, and Jimmy’s Poor-Man’s Bar sued Software Inc. for the damage caused by Coleman. The jewelry store sues Software
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