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You Decide Kimberly Wood Chamberlain College of Nursing You Decide As an HR manager of a firm with low sales and revenue numbers, it is my job to hire the best person to help turn this around. My choice is Karen; she was the best person for the job. In order to make this decision, I prioritized the needs of the job and considered legal aspects as well. The main priorities for the job are; sales experience, knowledge of fiber optics, and willingness to travel for the job. Karen had proven sales experience, and being sales person of the year speaks well of her ability. Jyoti had sales experience but little experience with fiber optics. Neither of the other candidates has sales experience. Karen graduated at the top of her class in fiber optics. Lynn, an expert in fiber optics has no sales experience. Neither of the others claimed experience with fiber optics, although Jyoti does have familiarity with cell phone services. The third requirement is the ability to travel. There is a stereotype that women do not want to travel (Harvey & Allard, 2012) that I do not agree with, and Karen revealing she is to be married soon cannot be held against her because denying employment due to marital status is discrimination and prohibited under federal law ("Cultural Diversity," n.d.). While Jyoti and Jake clearly stated their willingness to devote time to the job, I did not consider that a crucial point considering the legal implications. In summary, I picked Karen because she has the best qualifications for the job. She is a proven salesperson and an expert with fiber optics. I feel she will show dedication to her position as she has in the past. She would not be salesperson of the year or graduate at the top of her engineering class without an understanding of the work and dedication involved in the position. I did not consider race, sex, or marital status in

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