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You Decide As a project manager for Zap Pharmaceutical Company it is Shawna’s responsibility to protect her company’s assets. Here are the following courses of actions she should take: Situation 1 Bear’s Construction Company claims they are not responsible for the inspection required by the town for the work they are performing. They provide a memo written and signed by the last project manager as their form of proof to take this cost off their shoulders. This situation can delay the project as much as week if not acted on quickly. Team Meeting: Iris claims that she witnessed when the memo was written and doesn’t know why it was missing from the contract but knew it was being signed just to keep the project going. Tony doesn’t really care about the memo and he says that we should put the cost on Bear’s Construction. Phil doesn’t care either way he just wants the project to get finished on time. Shawna’s course of action (solution): The memo isn’t a credible source to take the responsibility off Bear’s Construction shoulders. I understand that it was signed by the project manager but they thing was that it was not settled as a change order. The authorizing agent for ZAP Pharmaceutical Company was not the one who signed it. Now if Bear’s Construction wants to continue to pursue and have ZAP Pharmaceutical Company take care of the inspections then I would suggest writing a change order crediting the money used to pay for the inspections back to ZAP Pharmaceutical from the contract price. If Bear’s does not agree with this change order then they can pay for the inspection out of their pockets and comply with the contractual agreement that was overlook which is stated in the contract. Situation 2 Anne’s Interior Design has a conflict where the general condition of the contract prohibits the use of any nongeneric materials within the work of the contract. The

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