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You Decide Activity The role socialization plays in the scenario about the complaints made about the two students and their lewd behavior is a great one. Erickson states in his eight stages of development that during the teen years, young people struggle to establish their own identity. In part, teens identify with others, but they also want to be unique. Almost all teens experience some confusion as they struggle to establish an identity.” (J. 70). The two students aren’t clear on the reality that their behavior is unacceptable for the workplace. Maybe they feel what they are doing on their break is” cool”. Kolhberg’s theory of Moral Development conventional stage can be used to describe some of the lack of social development of the students in the scenario. Kolhberg states how at this stage people should lose some of their selfishness and know the difference between right and wrong (J. 68), there is no reason they should be smoking and engaging in other lewd behavior on their break. Shirley Wright’s comment that boys will be boys was just stupid, yet I feel it’s true in some regard. It’s true that it’s possibly not any of my business; however, Shirley clearly is picking her battles in this situation. Even though these conversations aren’t private since I was able to overhear the crude remarks and witness them exchanging images Shirley is trying to be empathetic to these students because she realizes they are immature and childish. She made it a point to actually defend that is the way that boys behave and that they should not be held to a higher standard. Boys will not be boys forever. Eventually they have to grow up and learn how to conduct themselves appropriately in the real world. Shirley is the Manager and it is her responsibility to uphold company policies and rules. Ron DesVue suggested that I confront the individuals in question. This could

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