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------------------------------------------------- You Decide Assignment ------------------------------------------------- New Product Development [Author] Good Afternoon Mr. Berry, I received the information that you emailed in regards to your interest in marketing Chocoberry in other markets with the United States being one of them. I’ve already evaluated what your successes and failures were in reference to the blending of sugar and have come up with an ideal product for the U.S. market. In the U.S. market consumers are looking for chocolate-based drinks when going out to a bar, lounge, and nightclub. I propose we produce 3 chocolate-based alcoholic beverages for the different types of chocolate lovers. Chocolate consumption alone cannot cause any health conditions as you’ve stated although it’s widely perceived to cause migraines, acne, and obesity. The 3 chocolate-based alcoholic beverages will consist of Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate. I’ve also decided that we should distribute them in 6 and 12 liter wine bottles since we will be targeting regular consumers and consumers who own bars, lounges, or nightclubs. When it comes to the ideation and who will perform it I think it’s best we keep it internal only. The reason I state this is because it’s been known in the U.S. when you get other people involved with new product or service development they tend to either try to take all of the credit or steal the idea. With that being said it’s in our best interest we keep things internal only for now until further notice. The fact that we are staying loyal to our existing product will help us stand out from the rest without changing the entire concept. I’ve even utilized the surrogate questions to evaluate my proposal and the odds are in our favor although I know the responses cannot be answered directly and have little value since it’s

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