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You Decide Teresa Robb Chamberlain College of Nursing SOCS350 Professor Sheahan September 21, 2012 As the new Human Resource Manager it is my duty to screen the possible candidates and determine who will be the right fit for the new sales consultants position. I know that this person must be articulate, sophisticated, and knowledgeable about fiber optics. I have been given 4 different resumes to consider and have reviewed every one of them. After reviewing each resume that was submitted, I took into consideration key factors from what each person had to say about themselves and their ability to fill the position. Jake seems to be eager to get into a sales position and devote his time to building a career, but Jake does not possess the skills necessary to fill this position. Lynn, although she is a leading expert in the field of fiber optics, she is still working on improving her English speaking skills, which could hinder her ability to speak fluently and articulately to potential clients. Karen is a great candidate for this position, but she is currently relocating to Atlanta because she is getting married. Due to this fact, it seems to me that Karen may have a very difficult time traveling Monday through Friday, and spending leisure time after 5:00 P.M. with prospective clients as a newlywed. When trying to fill a position of this caliber, I like to look at this in an Ends-based thinking state of mind. It is my opinion that Jyoti will be the best fit for this position. Although Jyoti does not state any formal training in fiber optics, which is what this position is focused on, she has very good credentials in all other areas that are required for the position. Jyoti has been very successful in sales and I feel will be an asset to this company overall. Jyoti has proven herself to be a fast learner by beginning as an assistant in sales,

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