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You Decide Susie Marks Robbie Adams Devry Univeristy Professor Hill March 21, 2013 Susie Marks ask her friend Orson for a ride to Elsewhere City Park; he dropped her off at the park and left. Susie then met her friends Jerry and his girlfriend Kate at the park. Orson was supposed to pick Susie up at 11:00 pm because that when the park closed. When 11:00p.m. came they were approached by Officer Ruthless of the Elsewhere Police department. Officer Ruthless then advised the three minors that the park was closing, and they had to leave the park. However, Orson did not come to pick up Susie Mark yet. Jerry had a very small truck, which had a camper shell on the bed of the truck. When Officer Ruthless told them that park was closing and to leave Jerry and his girlfriend could leave at that moment. However, Susie told Officer Ruthless that her ride has not come to pick her up, and she would like to wait for Orson to come and get her, or she would walk home because she only lived six blocks from the park. However, Officer Ruthless did not listen to Susie and told her to get in the truck anyway. It is not illegal for someone to ride on the back of a pick-up truck with a camper shell in this state. Office Ruthless said he did not feel safe letting Susie walk home by herself at that time of night. Officer Ruthless also said that in that state minor has an 11:00 p.m. curfew. And that all three of them were together, and Jerry had no problem with giving Susie a ride. And he did not know how long it would be before Orson came and got Susie, and he had other duties to do. Susie, Jerry, and Katie drove around for about 30 minutes before taking Susie home. Jerry made two stops; one was down the street where Susie lived, however, Susie never got off at the stop nearest her home. At some point, when Jerry was riding around he lost control of the truck, while making a

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