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You Decide Project After looking and reading the situation that has been presented today, I have taken a deep and hard look at how this situation can be fixed and redirect the negative aspect of it to a discussion that will allow our company to fix the problem and yet, still have the integrity to uphold our mission. The first step that I would take in fixing this problem is looking and researching the SEC guidelines on situations like this. I think looking into this and what the process will be is very important on how you will go ahead and execute the plan. I think t after that is done, I would see how the problem can be fixed so that the SEC and the company are in good standing and that there is no hesitant thoughts on our company. I would have to agree that the situation has to be fixed, but I wouldn’t cancel the meeting that needs to be done. This is a major meeting. I would change the date of the meeting and also send an email to all people involved including the SEC about the situation and let them know the truth. I think that the truth is better then making up a lie and having to face the reputation of not being truthful to all parties. I would then set the meeting up in one week, not two. The reason why is that I don’t want them to think that such a small problem can be fixed and handled in a weeks time. This will show that the situation is under control and that the problem is a small one. I would also send a letter to all stockholders informing them of this and to explain in little detail that the problem will be fixed and that they confidence in our company is still loyal. I would also find out how did the reporting and discuss where the problem went wrong. I think that some action needs to be taken for such a mistake. After finding out that both situations will result in a fine, I think that setting the meeting in a later date and fixing the problem is

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