You Can Usually Tell What Kind of Person Someone Is by His or Her Appearence

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YOU CAN USUALLY TELL WHAT KIND OF PERSON SOMEONE IS BY HIS OR HER APPEARENCE UNDECIDED “You can usually tell what kind of person someone is by his or her appearance” is a statement many people may agree or disagree too. Lots of people judge other random people they see people either at school, at the shops, sporting events, etc, and automatically think maybe what kind of personality they will have. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a popular saying and this is a great example to use. Someone may look like the sweetest person, wearing nice clothes but just because a person may look nice, you never know what’s inside, what kind of personality they have. Another person may look completely different, may not have nice, expensive clothes, and people just assume of what kind of person they would be like just by looking at how they dress. Why is it that people judge another just by what they are wearing? It’s a question that is always asked. It isn’t just on how others dress, it is always other things such as how they look, or where they are from. Some Australians may see people who are from another country around the world, they could be Asian, Jamaican, American, Indian and straight away people may judge them and just assume on what kind of personality they would have. People judge on many different types of things about a random person they see out in public. Why though? You never know what kind of personality someone may have until you speak to them, make a conversation with them and get to know what kind of person they are. A lot of the time people will just assume personality, such as maybe a “trouble maker” or a “mean” kind of person when really they might be the kindest person. Although many judgements aren’t true about someone’s personality there are also many judgements made by others that are true. People you see for the first time can act the

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