You bring out the chaos in me

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You bring out the chaos in me. The dizzy, swirling plum passion. The intoxication of the purest of souls. Madness of the mind, crazy. The sun streaks elegantly illuminate the chlorophyll of every oval leaf. For you, I’ve magnified all my senses. Become enthralled in the simplicity of warm tea, And the inner thought-provoking power it arouses. I lose myself in your validated comfort and security. A risk taken for you. You. You bring out the chaos in me. The child-like curiosity in me. A constant trial and error that which is youthful life. The myriad of questions in me. Inquisitive queries directed toward the infinite azure plane above. The immense wonderment in me. A true primitive desire to learn. You provoke me. You persuade me. You invoke me. Always you. You bring out the chaos in me. The obsessive compulsive in me. Ritualistic antics that must be completed, perfection. The neat and orderly in me. The folding of the supple seafoam green teddy-bear quilt, Woven by the wise, wrinkled hands of my Oma. The Monk in me. Daily To-Do Lists, planners, and agendas. The grocery cart organizer in me. Delectable, sweet fruits, Crisp, ripe vegetables, Munchie- Crunchie, absolutely filling junk, All await the electronic belt procession. Control is your instruction. You have control. Oh, you. You bring out the chaos in me. The effortless glamour in me. Amble into a closet, close your eyes, and grab a selection. The ‘fake it, till you make it’ in me. A plastered smile hooked ear to ear, Wide, disarming eyes, Inhale, Exhale, Enter. The antique gratitude in me. A profound sense of value and respect for the past. Tattered Webster’s dictionaries, gold rusted rouge pots, Pink Depression Cherry Glass dishware and fragile Ford toy cars. The vintage stylist in me. Gigantic bauble rings, corset belts,

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