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Do you ever feel like your intimidated by the “perfect” models you see on regular commercials or even billboards? How about the flawless-skinned woman on the clean & clear commercials? I know you’re wondering “why can’t I look like that?” or, “man, I wish I had her body!”With all these insecurities it makes me wish everyone knew how some of them, are anorexic, or have a related eating disorder because of trying to reach the perfect body and staying there. A certain way the media can help resolve this issue is if they make models on T.V. or billboards look more realistic to regular society. Well, in my perspective. For instance, The most common reason that there is girls/boys going through that trouble with eating disorders and other diseases is because 86% of them show passionate emotion to being flawless like those un-realistic models on T.V. Likewise, that influences them to want to be skinny and have flawless skin can be very affective in a dangerous way. For the fact that they can get anorexia, or bulimia, as well as other possible diseases. I remember one time in my 7th grade class a girl was discussing with her best friend about, how she is forcing herself not to eat but only drink water. Turns out she now has Anorexia and is trying to cure it. The effect can be as big as turning your life around or as small as going away in a couple of days. In addition, some great effects of having insecurities can be related to money. I know, you’re thinking how can money be related to MY insecurities? Well, what do you do when you see a model on T.V. with hot pants that have nothing to do with your rainbow printed knee-high pants? The possibilities of tweens going to buy better looking pants that relate to the models pants are very high. It just explains how much tweens are influenced by the media. In my opinion I believe that body image should not be at
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