You Are Who You Are Essay

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My life has had up and downs all throughout it's journey. I was the '' the second of four children in a black working class family''(Sture 1). I have seen much to what you might think is a horrible scene, to which was a normal day in my life. I have studied at some of the finest colleges to Howard and Cornell, to Texas Southern University and Yale. My life is not a sorrowful one, if it was I would not be where I am at the point in my life as of right now. First African American women to win the noble prize and to my eyes- wonderful. Growing up reading in my family was always a option, we express ourselfs through this with- religion. Maybe that is why im a writer these days ( smiles and thinks of good times). My one goal is to see that your future students read any of my novels but particularly my latest novel Love. The theme in my novels consits hate, rape, greedness, and ulitimatly love. I try and voice the life of the slave times and express to the people just exactly what went on behind closed doors. Maybe the situations are real maybe some are just to have an imagination. I want my reader to be invloved in what I write also ( which excites me). I like to incoorperate the black history we have lived and died through, the temptations around us, the whippings, the lost lies and the blank truths. My theme that I wanted people to see was the double standard of what is was like than. With these women obsessed with my character Bill Cosey even after he was very hated by most of them. Is he real? I get from some of my fans , I say I don't know is he? “Masculine power and sexuality are also themes in love”(Ferrari 1). Strong words but what is really ment?- really. Masculine do you think man? Sexuality do you think women? Or can you think of the opposite? “Most people have never felt a passion that strong, that early. If so, they remember it with a smile, dissmiss it as

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