You Are What You Weare Essay

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People's personalities manifest in their clothing. Nowadays you could see clearly that people are not only wearing their clothes, but also their own personalities. If you're a busy parent , student or an employee it has a lot of impact on your clothing. Fashion style clearly can divide people’s personalities into three different types: typical, atypical and mixed styles. People who fall under the typical label usually wear, casual, classic, trendy and elegant styles.They are ordinary people in their daily lives, Their simple taste shows clearly in their everyday wear. It is Practical because most of them are busy people trying to keep up with their fast life. A little bit careful and shy some of the time.For example a woman who is shy, soft-spoken and likes to daydream, usually gravitates towards frilly pieces like lace and ruffles and tend to chose elegant styles. Another example is my sister , she work as a teatsher in a high school .She is busy and she never had enough time for any thing , but she love to look nice, thats why she always tend to wear classic suits and trendy skirts to work. Atypical people wear Goth , Emo , Gangsta and Cosplay. Most of the people who fall under this category are funky people. They are confused most of the time, they are bold, fearless, some of them likes to feel unique , and a little bit wild. Atypical people are very creative in their lives. They are rebels and don't like to be controlled by any one.This style is very modern. It emerged under the influence of people's individuality. One of the clearest examples that shed light on this Style is Lady Gaga, which has a unique and controversial taste in many ways. Her boldness and unrestrained character some time manifest to us in a hat made of straw and a huge bird laying on top of it, or a dress made of raw meat. let us take another less weird example, young singer
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