You Are What You Eat Essay

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Over the past decades, the use of fast food industries has skyrocketed for Americans. Whether it is for taste or convenience, the average American spends $492 dollars on fast food per capita. The US also sucks up about 65% of fast food sales across the globe with second place at a mere 6%. In essence, we as Americans big spenders in supporting the growth of the fast food industry. I, for one, have been a significant contributor to this fast food phenomenon. My dad was always the one who cooked a very nice meal for dinner every night in my family. When my dad was in Iraq when I was in eighth grade and a freshman in high school, my mom never felt like cooking and resulted in buying Wendy’s or Taco Bell everyday for dinner. I did have cheerleading until 5:30 and play practice across the city at 6, mind you, so we felt like it was the quickest and cheapest option. Since I got to eat fast food, my brothers also wanted fast food “just to be fair” and since my mother never felt like cooking, they got to eat it as well. I guess my family has “good genes” or something because neither I nor my brothers gained any weight on our fast food diet. This is uncommon, however, because eating fast food has lead to an increase in obesity amongst Americans. Now that I’ve stopped growing, I still eat fast food on occasion, but I exercise a lot to make sure I don’t become a statistic. For anything bad that happens to a person, one will always try to blame others before they put blame onto oneself. For example, many Americans are suing the fast food industries for their obesity, which leads to several other health problems. American’s should not put the blame of their illnesses and obesity upon fast food industries because one must be smarter than the food they are intaking. In other words, you have to know what you’re eating before you stick it in your mouth. It doesn’t take a

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