You Are What You Eat Essay

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You are What you Eat The surplus beef and poultry that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers as free commodity items to our school systems are held to a lower standard than fast-food chains like McDonald’s (Tomm 2013). In today's generation schools all across The United States provide lunches that are unsanitary, high in sodium, high in cholesterol, high in saturated/unsaturated fats, artificially flavored, etc. Specifically, Bloomfield Hills Township school district should enforce teachers to promote better nutrition and more education to their students. Food organizations today do not provide the right amount of nutrition for students, but rather provide foods that they crave or want. Adolescent students have not been exposed to enough education on nutrition. Not eating healthy really affects the human body in so many different ways. It affects body weight, how the brain functions, energy, etc. An immediate change should take place on foods that today's students eat and drink in Bloomfield Hills school District. The school should place a limit on how much food and which foods should be brought into school to help students retrieve the right nutrition that is needed every day to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Studies suggest that better education only gets better if the body consumes the right nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day (Tomm 2013). Not only is it healthy for your overall physical health, but it is also a fuel for your brain. It helps allow the brain to function more properly and efficiently leaving your thoughts and actions very sharp. A proper diet affects more than your mental health; for example, physical well being, social health, and behavioral problems are all other aspects that can be affected. Nutritious meals contribute a lot when it comes to your physical well being and really can change one’s mood throughout the

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