You Are What You Eat Essay

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Haylee Hawkins English 1301 Argumentative essay 4/8/13 You are what you eat Let’s say you’re on your way out the door with no time to stop and make a meal, but you’re hungry. Well if you’re a typical American you might stop off at one of the several fast food chains, like McDonalds, that are located at almost every exit. Many of us, like myself, eat this fast food because it’s cheap, convent, and let’s face it, it tastes good. Do you ever stop to think when you’re eating that deliciously greasy hamburger and fries, what it may be doing to your body? Well, not many of us do. Today we live in a fast paced world where it is common to spend more time working, or caught up in other activities, and less time cooking for ourselves and our families. This has caused fast food to become an increasingly frequent option. Millions of people buy fast food every day without giving it any thought, and are oblivious to the ramifications of their purchases. People need to be more aware of where this food comes from, how it is made, and most importantly what it’s doing to our bodies. After all, as the old saying goes: you are what you eat. While it can be time and budget-friendly, research shows that the negative effects of consuming fast food are simply not worth it. McDonalds for example is one of the most famous and successful fast-food chains in the world. They have branches and businesses in countries across the globe, and according to their website they serve 47 million customers each day. That’s a lot of burgers and nuggets if you ask me! So where is all this meat coming from anyway? Truth is, they couldn’t even tell you specifically. Many fast food chains, like McDonalds, have meat factories with suppliers, but the ground beef they create may come from dozens of different cows combined. The sad part is that there aren’t even farms used to raise and

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