You Are Not Special Essay

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You Are Not Special You and one other person are reading this right now. Don’t wonder how I know that, just keep reading. One of you is labeled as average: a middle class, “C”-ranked, 5 out of 10, normal person. “It’s not me! I’m special!” just ran through your head. Your mind’s defense wall is rising. You begin searching for facts to justify that you are extraordinary. “And I can draw really good! And my mom says I make the best egg sandwich! And my IQ is 119!!!” The problem with the youngest generation is that we all think we’re special. The truth? None of us are. Yes, you are included in this statement. As the need for college education rises, so does the need to separate scholars from prodigies. Universities do not leave a line for IQ for a reason; they do not care how “smart” you are. They care how well you will perform at their school. A “smart” one has an IQ above 115, never had to study for a single test in high school, and probably wore oversized glasses at one time. Some states are arguing that this person should receive a break in life. “They’re smart,” they reason, “Why not set them above the rest?” Fifty percent of these “prodigies” score average on college admittance tests, such as the ACT. They complain that they do not take tests well. “It isn’t fair!” they cry out. “Tests stress me out! I really am smart!” Like previously stated, college admittance tests do not grade on intelligence. ACT Test Makers ensure that one’s score reflects the student’s college and career readiness. The ACT Research Board defines this as “the acquisition of the knowledge and skills a student needs to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing first-year courses.” Students are determined college-ready if they have met each test’s minimum benchmark score—usually projected as a composite score of 21, or answering half of the questions correctly.
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