You Are Never Free

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You are never free! What is freedom? Freedom is having the abiliaty to due something someone else is unable to. Either you can be trapped by government regulations, religion views, lack of education, or the fight between your body and soul. What hold human back from freedom is the word itself. I feel that a person create there own definition of freedom. There is not the almighty freedom. I asked a friend what freedom was and he stated that freedom happens when you die. I can’t see why you would live your life knowing that you would never free freedom. I don’t believe that God intended for us to live our lives waiting to die. I believe that he wanted us to due the best we can with what we have. Freedom I believe is your everyday. I believe that freedom is the standard set. In the United States freedom can be defined by money, government and religion. In the Iraq freedom is run by government and religion. Some believe that the new government has taken some of there freedom away, other will argue they gained freedom. Americans have the right to bear arms. But is that really a freedom? You can’t carry a gun. Government controls how read the meaning behind each limination of the definition of freedom. Every freedom has limitions! You have the right to freedom of speech. But can you really speak your mind where and when ever you want? If we had freedom of speech why is the case of Morse v. Frederick getting heard by the superme court this week. If students have the freedom of speech when every and where every, the students should not have been punished for his actions. I don’t believe that the word freedom really has a true definition. Freedom is a concept that I believe is the standard set in life by your parents, government, and life. Each person chooses either to exercise their freedom, or just understand that they have them if they need them. In
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