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Document Analysis “The Man Nobody Knows” (1925) Bruce Barton Bruce Barton was born in Robbins, Tennessee, on August 5, 1886. In his lifetime he has achieved many things, he was married and had three children, he had created his own magazine called “Every Week”, and he formed an advertising agency with some guys he had met, as well as, ran for congress in 1936 (www. Amongst all the things Barton had done he was also a successful writer. Bruce had written many books in his lifetime, but the one I will be focusing on today is his 1925 book, “The Man Nobody Knows”. In this book Barton discusses how he feels that Jesus was a business man & that he used different techniques to grasps listeners attention. I agree with him to a certain degree when he talks about the success of Jesus was in the techniques that He used. Everyone knows that seeing is believing, so in order for Jesus to recruit believers and followers he would have to do something out of the “norm” that would catch the attention of people. I believe that one of His most vital techniques was performing miracles; this is how Jesus gained so many followers. Because of the miracles that he performed it allowed people to not only hear the Word but to literally see it happen before their eyes, for example, in the gospel John there are many miracles performed; Jesus walking on water and feeding 5,000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Those could be considered techniques that he used to gain believers, but I do not believe that He intentionally looked at the miracles he performed as “techniques or persuasion” to gain followers. So that is where I do not agree with Barton because Jesus was just following out his destiny not being a “business man” per say. I think that Barton stressed the need for the church to reach out to the market place because this is what Jesus did time and time again.
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