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#YOLO: Coping up with Dreams -Justine R. San Juan Life is a cycle of unexpected, surprising and butt-kicking events. There comes a lucky day! Then misfortune things happen. You may not know whatever happens next whether you fart or you will burp. Why am I saying this? It is just to tell you that we can’t predict what would happen. We can’t hold back time. Even the greatest predictors or fortune teller in this awesome world won’t even know what would happen next. Einstein’s formula can’t explain it. Nostradamus just failed at his 2012 end of the world prediction. Nobody knows. People just can’t do things about it. What should we do? Just enjoy time! The question is, how? We are not talking about time here. We are talking about life and how to deal with it. Why? It is because I am just a student like you struggling how to manage time when hectic and loaded schedule and a bunch of horrifying math subjects’ assignments are my greatest foe. In short, we are stressed. Don’t be! Based on a worldwide survey, 13% of engineering students only slept 2-4 hours a day causing them to lose focus on their study and failed their major subjects. And due to pressure, 20 % of these students drop their study or commit suicide. Are you gonna be one of them? Can you notice it? The main reason why we can’t deal with life is because we are so stressed and our mind was so preoccupied with the things that did not worked on our ways just because time didn’t gave us chance to. We even forgot how to enjoy the greatest gift that God ever gave us, life. What is “Live life to the fullest.’’ when we’re living ours at the worst. Be like Ranchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad of “The Three Idiots”. This man showed everyone especially his terror professor they named “Virus” that no one can ever ruin and destroy his dream. Even if how hard is their subjects and projects, he still managed to enjoy his

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