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Jacob Johnson 8-27-13 Divergent Summer Reading Questions Chapter 1: What quality is valued most by members of the Dauntless faction? The quality that is valued most by members of the Dauntless faction is bravery. Why do you think Beatrice is so fascinated by the Dauntless Faction? Beatrice sees the Dauntless as people who have fun and thrill in their lives and she didn't get to have those qualities. Chapter 2: During the aptitude test, what is Beatrice asked to choose between? During the aptitude test, Beatrice was asked to choose between cheese and a knife. When Beatrice is on the bus and is being questioned by the angry man - which does she choose: telling the truth or lying? When Beatrice is on the bus and is being questioned she chooses lying instead of telling the truth. Chapter 3: Why does Beatrice have trouble living in the Abnegation lifestyle? Beatrice has trouble living in Abnegation because she thinks more about herself than she feels that she thinks of others. What kind of work do the factionless perform for the society? The factionless work low grade jobs such as: bus drivers, construction workers, taxi drivers, etc. Chapter 4: What excuse does Beatrice give Caleb for having left the aptitude testing without him? Beatrice tells Caleb that she got a sick stomach after the test. What happened to Marcus's son, Tobias? Tobias transferred to Dauntless from Abnegation. Chapter 5: Which of two factions is Beatrice struggling to choose between? Beatrice is struggling to choose between Abnegation and Dauntless. How do they symbolically demonstrate their choice during the Choosing Ceremony? They have different items in each bowl representing different factions. They have the initiates drop their blood into the bowl

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