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yolo Practice Exam 16 Sense Organs A. Short Answer 1. Sense organs that monitor muscle contractions and joint movements are called ___. 2. Of the two types of pain, which is transmitted by myelinated nerve fibers? 3. ___ papillae at the rear of the tongue have taste buds sensitive to bitter chemicals. 4. Axons from the olfactory neurons synapse with the next neurons in the ___ of the brain. 5. The pitch of a sound is determined by the ___ of vibration. 6. The auditory ossicle attached to the tympanic membrane is the ___. 7. The transducer for the sense of hearing is a coiled, fluid-filled duct called the ___. 8. The cupula is a gelatinous membrane that covers the hair cells of the ___. 9. All the organs that produce tears and drain them from the eye are collectively called the ___ apparatus. 10. Looking upward without tilting your head employs the ___ muscles of the eyes. 11. If you are walking slowly and then speed up, the acceleration will be sensed by the ___ of the inner ear. 12. The ___ of the ear have V-shaped rows of stereocilia and serve to tune the cochlea. 13. The space between the cornea and the lens of the eye is filled with fluid called ___. 14. Rod cells are lacking from an area of the retina called the ___, and cone cells are smallest and most closely spaced here. 15. The absorption of light converts the cis isomer of ___ to an all-trans isomer. B. Matching A. fungiform papillae G. crista ampullaris M. optic disc S. tectorial membrane B. basilar membrane H. thalamus N. nasal bone T. macula lutea C. enkephalin I. rods O. inner hair cells U. macula sacculi D. retinal J. EPSP P. bradykinin V. IPSP E. palatine bone K. ethmoid Q.

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