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YOLO YOLO or “You only live once” is something that I normally hate hearing ignorant teenagers shout when getting drunk or high and it has bothered me ever since the first time I heard someone say it, unfortunately for me there is nothing I can do about it except ignore this kids and hope that one day they stop. That being said I realize now that YOLO is better used when talking about going to trips to places you always imagined about going to or doing things that are outside your comfort zone such as; parachuting out of a plane, base jumping, building a car that you can use to break a land speed record, or swimming around sharks without any shield to separate yourself from them, and learning about cultures and religions that aren’t the ones you were raised in. I would like to say that I will attempt to learn more about the world during my time in Earth but I would be lying, not because I will not try to learn more about Buddhism, Jainism or Islam but because people change and what might interest me now may not be something that remains interesting to me in later years. We recently spoke about a few religions from Asia, from India we learned about Hinduism and its many deities, Buddhism and its founder and its teachings on escaping life’s cycle, Jainism’s way of non-violence towards all living things. In China we spoke mainly about Confucius and his ethical-sociopolitical teaching and in Japan we have Shinto and Japanese Buddhism. From all of these religions the ones that got my attention the most were Buddhism and Jainism. Buddhism which is also studied in different Asian religions, but appears to have originated in India around the 5th century by Gautama Buddha, who was an Indian Prince who was raised in isolation from the real world and when he finally learns of the injustices that normal people live through day by day decided to wander the world and meditate to

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