Yolen And Cinderella

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Carlos G. Zamora 09/26/11 Period-3 A Maid in Manhattan, what would Yolen say? “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” This was said by Walt Disney, who made a fortune out of selling stories of dreams and happy endings to many American children. One of these stories was Cinderella. In this story, he planted the idea that, “When you wish upon a star, all your dreams can come true.” Although Disney may have earned a large amount of money and fame with the story, the story is not his. The story of Cinderella has been told in many languages and ways for years. Jane Yolen, a children’s book author, wrote an article stating the effects on Cinderella when America’s mass-market got ahold of it. Now, the story…show more content…
In the movie a maid named Marisa gets her happy ending. Marisa is the Cinderella in this movie and has many of the characteristics Yolen says Cinderella should have and once had. For instance Marisa is smart and quick-witted in the movie like Yolen said the European Cinderella was. An example of this is at the beginning when she seems to handle all of her duties with ease and is also able to aid her friend, the butler, with his cut. Marisa on the other hand isn’t as independent as the European Cinderella but more like the American one in that sense. For example, Marisa isn’t able to make her own decisions in the movie; and despite her standing up to her mother and taking care of her son, she still relies on most of the hotel staff to see Chris. Marisa, like the American Cinderella, is also not much of an activist in the movie. Though she may speak her mind, she doesn’t get things done. For example, in the movie she tells her friend how much she wants to be assistant manager, but never sends in the application. The movie has some of the four elements of a Cinderella but not all of them. For example, in the movie there is recognition through a token, in this case the boy but no magical gift or person. There is also a dance/dinner but it is not where the heroine is introduced; and there is an ill-treated girl, who may be worthy, but is not rich to begin with. The movie also adds a level of ethnicity by making Marisa or Cinderella Hispanic, and she is even caught in the act, which is a new thing for a Cinderella story. Also new is the setting, instead of a fairytale kingdom, the movie is set in New York City. All of these characteristics and elements make the movie a Cinderella story but with some new

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