Yolanda's Genius Carol Fenner

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The title of book is the “Yolanda's Genius”. In the title of the book states the two main characters: Yolanda and her little brother Andrew. Carol Elizabeth Fenner (1929–2002) was a famous writing. Fenner's book Gorilla-Gorilla won a Christopher Award and The Skates of Little Richard won honors from the Coretta Scott King Award. In addition, she was twice a runner-up for the Newbery Award: once each for Gorilla-Gorilla and Yolonda's Genius. Just prior to her death, Yolonda's Genius was optioned by a major studio for possible production of a movie for television. It is a story about the difficult life of Yolanda and her brother. A story about how no one believed in the little Andrew except his older sister. And the story of music, Andrew’s music. Yolanda and Andrew constantly moved because of their mothers. But she always wanted to return to Chicago and to prove to everyone that her brother is a genius. “This guy really knows music.” The truth, too. “He really thinks Andrew’s genius .” – this words from the story describe Andrew’s talent. He perfectly plays the harmonica. But he couldn’t get in touch with people. This book is about a girl who is very strong for her age and her younger brother. Yolanda is very caring and loving sister. She looks after her brother. Andrew is certainly an exceptional child, and Yolanda knows it. It's easy for her to watch out for her little, first-grade brother, Andrew. Their mother was a legal professional and a widow, and she is concerned about crime and drugs in her children's Chicago school. She moves them all to a smaller and, she hopes, smaller town. Andrew, who never talks much, is having trouble learning to read. He loves to do is play on the old harmonica given to him as a baby by his father to teethe on and which he's kept blowing ever since. Andrew can imitate any sound he hears, like bacon sizzling, or express any

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