Yolanda Young: Textual Analysis

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In text 1, we meet Yolanda Young who is a lawyer and columnist for the USA today. She writes in the newspaper that she has noticed a change since the selection of Barack Obama. Yolanda describes how white people now meet her eyes with a smile, instead of seeing right through her, as she rights, I am invisible no more. This new improvement is confirmed by two psychology professors. In text 2, Eric Holder is the first black attorney general. In this speech he tells that the nation has still not come to grips with the racial past, “in the workplaces, where races have been mixed together, but unfortunately they still choose to be socially in separated black and white groups.” He wants black and white people to be united, and the way that they have to do this is to discus and read about black…show more content…
We will look closer to text 1 and 2. The language used in “Black is being seen in a whole new light” by Yolanda Young is takes the starting-point by herself, “For a woman the color of dark coffee to be noticed…” which makes the whole text more informal and personal. The text is colorful and varied with simple elements and very easy non-formal sentence as ‘after Barack Obama became president and his wife, Michelle Obama, became the first lady…’ It is a language that gets the reader to identify him-/herself with the writer. The conclusion of this is that she is well educated as a lawyer so she used ethos (not as much as Mr. Holder), she uses pathos in the start and in the end where she writes ‘white tourists and professional meet my eyes with a smile… You look like Michelle Obama’. The part in the middle is dominated by logos, where she tells about the researches that two psychology professors have made. It is about how children choose a white doll as the prettiest, or a black doll. The test was taken before and after the selection of president Obama. And high lights Yolanda Young’s
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