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Chapter Overview 9.1 The Nature of Intelligence Defining Intelligence Theories of Intelligence Intelligence as a General Ability Intelligence as Multiple Abilities Expanding the Concept of Intelligence The Wechsler Intelligence Scales Group Intelligence Testing Principles of Test Construction Selecting Questions for Intelligence Tests Standardization Reliability Validity CRITICAL THINKING APPLICATION The Brain and Intelligence CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 9.1 Comparing CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 9.2 Understanding What Scores Mean Theories of Intelligence 9.3 9.2 Measuring Intelligence The Development of Intelligence Testing Alfred Binet: Predicting School Achievement Lewis Terman and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Text Individual Differences in Intelligence Intellectual Disability High Intellectual Ability CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 9.3 Varieties of Intelligence 9 Learning Objectives Intelligence 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 Define intelligence from an adaptation perspective. Compare and contrast theories of intelligence. Explain how brain size and neural efficiency relate to intelligence. Examine the development of intelligence testing. Describe the principles of test construction. Discuss reliability and predictive validity of intelligence testing. Illustrate the varieties of intelligence including high intellectual ability and intellectual disability. Explain reasons for gender and ethnic gaps in standardized intelligence tests. Identify types of biases in intelligence testing. Describe the roles of genetics and environment, and their interaction, in determining intelligence. 9.4 Group Differences in Intelligence Differences Within Groups and Differences Between Groups Gender Group Differences Ethnic Group Differences CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 9.4 Expecting to Be Smarter Summary of Multiple influences on Intelligence

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