Ymbol And Allegory Usage In Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Christopher Cunningham English Composition II Professor Clara Gerl September 3, 2011 Symbol and Allegory usage in Young Goodman Brown Symbolism and allegory are clearly seen within the characters and setting of the story. The characters are used in terms of metaphor. Young Goodman Brown is a symbol of the struggles that every person will face in their life in hopes that they might overcome. The main character Young Goodman Brown, is a symbol and metaphor that reflects everyman in humanity or those during that time period as it was the common name of the time. Young reflects one who is young and perhaps is inexperienced or ignorant of the world around them it may not be aware of the dangerous. Goodman is a newly married man and so his destiny is one of fate that awaits him. Faith whom is Goodman Brown’s wife is a symbol of his strong faith in God or higher power whom he deems greater then himself. The scene in which a scream can be heard followed by murmuring, fading laughter and faint whisper are a symbol that Goodman has lost his faith in God represented by his cries of terror, agony and desperation as the forest mocks his cries. The traveler that Goodman Brown meets along his journey is a symbolic metaphor for the Devil who comes to entice Goodman Brown whom carries a staff in the form of a snake or serpent. The Book of Genesis describes Satan as a serpent that God cursed by making him crawl on his belly. The serpent is very cunning in his ways, this is seen in the travelers smile and mocking laughter as Goodman Brown grows tired and weary but continues to press on despite the difficulty. The dark and eerie forest is said to depict the devils home, in the days of the Puritans it was often said that the devil dwelt there enticing and luring women into his abode to practice witchcraft and other forms of dark magic. The further Goodman

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