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My dream job does not consist of scrubbing murky toilets, mopping sticky floors, or taking out filthy garbage and hopefully never will. My desired occupation is to be a successful counseling psychologist in the state of Georgia. After you have read my heart’s plea, I hope you will understand my viewpoint and reassess your notion. The income a janitor accumulates each month is not much at all. Most janitors make precisely between nine-hundred dollars to twelve- hundred dollars every month. As we know, we all have bills that must be paid, janitors are not excluded; however, if the funds are not compiling, then we are unable to pay them. I have spoken to many janitors at school, and mostly all of them have said that if they had the finances to go back to college they would. This lets me know that they do not enjoy what they’re doing. Imagine me in that state. Instead of me becoming a well-known doctor or lawyer, I’d have to clean up behind snot-nosed kids. Is that the life you desire for me to have? Let’s not forget about the nastiness of the job. Janitors are called upon whenever they are needed. They are responsible for disposing pungent garbage, cleaning rancid disgorge, and many other unpleasant duties. This is not only annoying, but it also is dangerous. It is dangerous because they have an extremely high risk of developing a virus due to the intense conditions they are under. Statistics show that custodians have a forty percent higher chance to acquire the Flu and other perilous diseases than other common workers. Custodians deal with these harsh conditions every day. I am not fit for that. Stress is an inevitable trait of being a janitor. Janitors experience stress every day from students, teachers, and many others. Working long hours increases the amount of stress you have. Without rest, custodians are unable to complete their job effectively. Too much

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