Ying Wu 10C: The Letter

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Ying Wu 10C The Letter Being brought up in a rich family wasn’t ever really easy. My father was a doctor and my mother was a lawyer and I was a year 11 student studying in high school. My older sister Alli was in year 12 and preparing for her HSC. People would say that we looked alike but we were in fact two very different people, we were kind of like opposites in a way. The things that I liked doing she would hate and the things that she liked doing I’d hate. Although we were very different from each other we had a surprisingly good relationship compared to many other siblings. She was kind of like my best friend, I trusted her more than anyone I knew, and I knew that I could tell her anything and that she would always be willing to help me if I needed it. As Alli was doing her last year of high School and preparing for her exams she got pressured a lot especially from my parents who had extremely high expectations of us. My parents wanted Alli to study to be a Lawyer or doctor when she finished but that’s not what she wanted to do and secretly she knew that she wouldn’t be able to…show more content…
I didn’t say anything and just went straight to my room. I cried myself to sleep that night, as a matter of fact, I cried myself to sleep nearly every night for a few months, I was so sad and angry because I lost my sister and best friend because of my parents. After months the police were still without a trace so they decided that it was best that they closed the case. My parents weren’t happy with their decision but they didn’t get a say. That day I saw my parents start to cry and I was crying too but it was weird because I had never seen my own parents like that before. I had never seen them cry

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