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Yin Of American Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: kpiet003
  • on November 8, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kaila Pietrowski
Geo 210
November 17, 2010
American Yin
Between the yin and yang of American culture, I took my stand on the yin side of things. Although some yang principles hold true in my book, I relate more directly to the yin aspects. These five themes that I picked hold a special place in my heart. Most likely, just because I feel they are prime examples of some point in my own life.
First of all, I closely relate to the “Overemphasis on Independence” theme.   The author begins relating this theme by telling a story of an old man struggling to push his grocery cart to his car and when she asks him for help, he rudely tells her no. I feel like this theme holds a strong place in my daily life. I feel like as a young independent lady that I can do pretty much just about anything for myself. So when a guy at works politely asks me if I need help with a heavy box, I just shrug him off and tell him I have it and don’t need his help. I feel that when a guy, or even a woman for that matter, asks me if I need help, I almost feel offended; like they don’t think I can handle it myself. I know that this is not their intentions, that they are simply offering their help to be polite, but I see it otherwise. It just isn’t me though; I see this everywhere I look. When I’m getting a television off of the top rack for an older gentleman and ask him if I can get him a cart so he doesn’t have to heave it around, he laughs it off and says no although both him and I know he could use it. I think sometimes we as Americans shouldn’t be afraid to admit that we need help. There are countless people offering their help to us on a daily basis and when we desperately need it we shouldn’t be afraid to say “yes”, even if it does make us feel a little less independent.
Another theme that I feel fits perfectly in my own life, as well as the society around me, is “Never Slowing Down”. I cannot explain in words how true this concept is. The author says that her colleagues would ask her...

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