Yilka Case Study

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Note! All the contents of this assignment have been first discussed, and then written down by the presence and agreement of all the group members. The group meetings and the field trip have been mentioned in the attached diaries. I. Executive Summary: Yilka was established in Ankara in 1969 by Yilmaz family, and this is where the name comes from, Yil is abbreviation of the Yilmaz and Ka is abbreviation of Kardeşler which means brothers; brothers of Yilmaz. They started their business by producing very few items per month, based on the small demand from customers, however, now, they have become one of the top furnishing and decoration companies in Ankara; from the late 1980’s till now. After their business had been settled in Turkey, the family decided to open new branches outside the country. Regardless of the hardships they have faced for opening the branches, they would not agree for franchising because they claim that “This is a family business, we care about social connection, reputation and service more than profit. For this reason, we cannot just let others in other countries represent us, because they will never deliver the same service and hospitality as we do, it’s the same item and quality but different service and hospitality” In 1996 Yilka opened its branch in Tehran, Iran after receiving demands from Iranian customers, and its open till now. The business is doing well according to the owner Murat Yilmaz. The showroom is run by one of their brothers in Tehran. The same method of high customer demand from Libya made them decide to open a branch there as well in 2000; another brother is responsible for it. In 2009, people from Erbil had started demanding on their products, when the demand increased from there too, they decided to enlarge the business more and open a new branch in Erbil which was opened in March 10th 2009 after having done

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