Yhe Impact on Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance

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The Impact of Job Satisfaction on employee Performance 1. Introduction Human resource is most vital asset for organizational development. It is the source that makes other source use and gets best return out of them. But getting best of human resource requires enormous moves by organization and their management. If the human resource or employees are happy and contended with the moves and actions of employer they do their best for the best of organization. But if they are not in this state they might cause organization unmatchable loss. Thus managing human resource has become an art to satisfy their workforce. The greater the level of satisfaction of employees is, the higher will be return for organization and this has been realized by various researchers, scholars, academicians, writers and leaders. Attainment of a high level performance through productivity and efficiency has always been an organizational goal of high priority. In order to do that highly satisfied work force is an absolutely necessity for achieving a high level of performance advancement of an organization. Satisfied worker leads to extend more effort to job performance, then works harder and better. Thus every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. However, the total organizational performance depends on efficient and effective performance of individual employees of the organization. Therefore, every organization places a considerable reliance on their individual employee performance to gain high productivity in the organization. Employee effort is an important factor that determines an individual performance will be. When an employee feels a satisfaction about the job, he/she is motivated to do grater effort to the job performance. Then it tends to increase the overall performance of the organization. In other words, a satisfied

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