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Leidy T. Puerta Journal # 3 ENR 040 10/23/14 Outlier Chapter Two “The 10,000 Hour Rule” The chapter refers to the amount of hours that people need to become successful in life. In other words, to be an expert at anything a person has to spend ten thousand hours at it, also someone has to give them the opportunity to teach them how to be an expert. The writer described how Bill joy and how others like Bill Gates became successful by programming computers at an early age. They were geniuses as well as brilliant; they also had the opportunities to practice in the computer center. In the other hand, Bill Gates was born into a wealthy family; he went to one of colleges that offered him coding programs in which he was able to code for free. Bill Gate had the gift and the extraordinary opportunity of being successful because of the environment in which he was raised. Gadwell wrote about the Beatles a famous rock band from England- Liverpool that was discovered by Bruno who was from Hamburg-Germany. Bruno had the idea of bringing the rock group to play in various clubs. The Beatles quickly accumulated many hours playing at the club; the people began to love their music. Also, they were good and they became experts because of the amount of hours that they put into their rehearsal play their instruments. Similarly, Bill Gates and Joy also labored at coding for years, and the average of all these practices was the amount of hours that they put into it. Another example that the writer gives us to understand the idea in which to be an expert in something you have to practice and have the opportunities that those people had. Mozart who was a famous musical writer, he took ten years to achieve the level of mastery and at the age of twenty- one he had already been composing concerts. All this can be summarized by every opportunity that those people had,

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