Yeshow Should We Live Thesis Statement Point One

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How Should We Live Thesis Statement Point One

How we live is how we go through our lives making decisions and interpreting our own happiness. Our goal is to discover selflessness and create our own happiness, the space in which we must flourish. I feel we cannot find happiness by the possessions we own in life but rather through spiritual belief, emotional stability, and the experiences we have everyday of our lives. Selfishness can benefit us in life by creating selfless actions toward people. To flourish we must combine both selflessness and happiness together as one so that we may find our true selves we never knew could have been there.

The authors I used have shown how they have made a substantial life and the methods and beliefs they have used to express their happiness they have experience to create their own happiness and selflessness. Stegner portrayed his selflessness by going to one of his favorite places on earth and discovered that your sanctuary isn’t just for him but for others as well who want to find their own happiness as well. Stegner describes “the best thing we have learned from nearly five hundred years of contact with the American wilderness is restraint, the willingness to hold our hand; to visit such places for our souls’ good, but leave no tracks” (Stegner 41). In Carlyle’s Everlasting Yea he believes the only way to a substantial life is to have faith in your beliefs and death is the only way to true

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