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Literature 103 Name: _______________________________ Date: ____________ Presentation Assignment: Exploring a Passage of a Literary Text in Depth by taking a Particular Critical “Angle” (worth 100 points) (5% of your course grade) Directions: 1. Choose a passage from the literary text assigned for the day of your presentation. Choose a passage that strikes you as interesting, intriguing, important, perplexing, or disturbing. 2. Choose from the “buffet” of critical questions and apply the question to the passage you have chosen. 3. Answer the questions in writing and present your reflections to the class 4. To receive full credit, the written portion of this assignment must be turned in (in Hard copy) on the day your presentation is due by 5:00 pm. Answer in writing and present to the class: 1. Direct the class to the passage you have chosen: a. Literary text: The Persian Carpet b. Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh c. Pg # ______________________ d. Paragraph or stanza: 2 2. This particular passage caught my attention because . . .(answer in 2 to 3 sentences) It makes us think about life and how the choices we make can have a significant impact on others. Also, it illustrates that small things, even a carpet can brought happiness and joy. In the story, the carpet represents life and how that carpet (joy) can be stolen or slipped out from underneath you. However, the carpet can also be returned (giving joy back). 3. I have chosen critical question #4 4. Provide a brief summary (in 2 to 3 sentences) of the context of your chosen passage to orient the class to your passage (this is something you need to do in a critical essay as well). From the beginning of the story we learn about the conflict the narrator is living through: “He had sworn he would not let her see us, for, only hours after the divorce, the news had

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