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YeSchedule 2 – Student’s Parents or Sponsor 2011-2012 Loans Program for Part-Time Studies 1126 Reserved for Aide financière aux études (F001126) This schedule must be completed by the student’s parents or sponsor. The sponsor is the person who agreed to provide for the basic needs of the student when he or she obtained permanent resident, refugee or protected person status. The sponsor is not a guardian or tutor, but the person held accountable for the student under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The student does not qualify for the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies if his or her own and his or her parents’ or sponsor’s combined incomes are greater than $50 000. STUDENT’S PERSONAL INFORMATION Permanent code assigned by the Ministère Last name First name 1 Student Custody (See Guide, page 11) Indicate with whom the student resides or last resided. g Both parents g Father g Mother g Sponsor If you are the biological or adoptive parents of the student and you live together, you must check the box Both parents. If you are divorced, legally or de facto separated or if one of the parents is deceased, you must check the box corresponding to the parent with whom the student resides or last resided. ) See page 11 2 Parent’s or Sponsor’s Personal Information The sponsor (male or female) must complete the spaces reserved for the father. FATHER OR SPONSOR Last name First name Number Street (cont.) Municipality Prov. Postal code Telephone number (home) E-mail (optional): Country Social insurance number Area code Y Date of birth M D Street Apartment If your civil status has changed since May 1, 2011, please give the date on which it changed. Civil status g g Single g g Divorced g g Married or civil union spouse De facto separated Widowed Legally separated Y M D MOTHER Last name First name Civil status

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