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Being at a racetrack brings happiness to my life. On April 7, 2002, I got the opportunity to run my first practice session of the year. When we drove through the pit gate, a comforting sense of familiarity set in, the sight of new faces and old faces, seeing the different paint schemes or the same paint schemes on cars is quite a sight to me. Seeing my pit crew for the first time this year was cool. The smell of burnt rubber, race fuel, and grease filled the air. The sounds of wrenches being used, engines running is comforting sound as well. I climbed into the car, tightened my belts, put the steering wheel on. I pushed the starter, listened to it roar, and flipped up the ignition. I listened to the engine roars as it was music to my ears. It was time to go. I pressed the clutch in, grabbed the shifter lever and pulled it back to shift into reverse. I then slowly let the clutch out and backed out of my pit stall. Once I was pointed in the right direction, I stopped and pushed the clutch in, grabbed the shifter lever and pushed it into first gear, slowly let the clutch out and took for the back track entrance gate. The whole transition was a lot easier than I anticipated. Before, it looked very difficult watching other drivers in previous years. On the way to the back pit gate, not really knowing what to do when I get back there, I took time to soak it all in by looking at my surroundings, seeing the other teams and trailers from a new perspective was cool to me. I looked out in my cockpit in awe with what I was seeing. The big air cleaner sitting in the middle of my hood, the fat fifteen inch slick Hoosier racing tires gave me goose bumps. I finally got out back and came to a stop behind the division that is scheduled to go on track before me and shut the engine off. Each practice session is eight laps. I was waiting impatiently just outside the back gate. I

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