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Harmanjot Singh Walia UBC Student Number: 46850137 1.4 ESSAYS 1.4.1 Please write on a topic that is of importance to you, and reflects who you are. Winding along a moonlit road at night along the Ganges at Varanasi, only a young child with an innocent mind would beg his father to stop the car to see the patch of the holy river that was crimson, and not blue. Unpolluted by the wraths and turmoil of life, that child was me and the crimson patch we’d come across was a dog’s blood that was gushing out of its leg trapped under a rock. Removing my own sweater, I wrapped the poor creature. For a ten year old who had seen Scooby Doo survive every ghost and mummy; seeing him fight for his life in front of his eyes was probably the hardest thing to do and nurturing the cartoon that just came to life was his only priority. That day, I understood life. I understood that everyone in the world wants to bring a change. Everyone wants to end poverty, help the needy and save the wounded. But nobody makes an effort. The day I told my dad to stop the car was when I realized I had to be different. I started doing what little I could, hoping that someday it would make a difference. Despite having shown myself modest all throughout my life, a part of me has always taken pride in myself. Without hindering towards egoism, I have sought after being someone who would change the scenario of the world for good. These feelings initiated when I was a child, and maybe I was just trying to be a hero then, but what it left behind was something bigger; something that pushed me to help those in need. By the time I was thirteen, I was an unlit matchstick, and I might have been the same had I not come across a simple line by my neighbor’s domestic help “I wish I was born from your mother’s womb”. A line as simple as that stirred the biggest fear in me. If I wasn’t as blessed as I am,

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