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What are the health and social issues of ecstasy and other drugs? Although people believe that drugs area way out of situations, they are not. If drugs were honestly a way out, then all people would be trying drugs to see if it works. Ecstasy nicknamed “the problem child” and “the club drug” is now becoming one of the most come drugs on the market other than marijuana. Because of the happy feelings that ecstasy is said to bring, it is also known as the "love drug" or the "hug drug." It encourages a sense of closeness that many teens and adults crave. But research now shows that the drug has a special appeal to those who are lonely or feel lonely. Teens and young adults who feel lonely or don't feel like they belong usually turn to ecstasy to complete their every wants and needs. Researchers found that people who don't feel they have difficulty in social settings may turn to ecstasy as a way to loosen up or fit in. As for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, they list ecstasy as a Schedule I drug. Which means that it poses a very high risk for abuse and it has no accepted medical use? One danger… of many is that the drug reduces the body's ability to control its temperature and water content. Ecstasy users who are dancing at clubs or parties usually collapse because they become overheated and dehydrated. Ecstasy also can raise heart rates and blood pressure. More effects include nausea, loss of appetite, jaw tightness, and constant chewing and teeth clenching or grinding. If taken in large doses ecstasy can cause anxiety, panic, and depression. As if these problems aren't bad enough, ecstasy affects users for days and sometimes even weeks after they take it. After-effects can include problems you’re your memory, mood, and/or concentration. Users also lose their appetite and have muscle aches, headaches, and problems with balance. Other side effects

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