Yellow Woman And Beauty Of The Spirit Analysis

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English 101 Essay 1 Writing Guidelines and Information Requirements * The essay should be at least 700 words in length. * Use a 12 point font. No fancy fonts. * Be sure to double space the entire paper. * Include your name, date, and course number in the upper left-hand corner. * Create an original title. * Make sure that you have a strong, argumentative thesis statement that clearly lays out what you will discuss in your paper. * Use the scholarly tone for writing a formal paper. * Include proper MLA citations and Works Cited page * Submit the paper as a hardcopy in a folder in addition to turning it in through D2L. Essay 1 Texts and Theme * Texts: “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”, “Nickel and…show more content…
is a story about attaining equality using some extreme measures and methods. The constant desire to attain equality contrasts with a natural or unnatural desire to compete and to assert our individuality or genius. What comment is Vonnegut making concerning the desirability and/or feasibility of…show more content…
What relationship do you see between the story and creator and the culture that produced the story? What argument does the text present concerning equality in Laguna Pueblo culture? “Nickel and Dimed” * Barbara Ehrenreich offers a detailed description of her experience as a Wal-Mart employee in “Nickel and Dimed: ON (Not) Getting By in America”. What does the title of her text suggest about the American Dream? What does she learn from her experience concerning work ethic and economic opportunity? * General Expectations: * Generally, ENG 101 papers should be analytical, rather than mere summary. Summarizing material may play a role in your papers, but it should be a small role that seeks to briefly inform readers of the background of an argument. The argument should be stated as the paper’s thesis or central idea. This thesis statement should be clear and concise, neither too obvious (in no need of argumentative support) nor outlandish (unable to be supported by the text). The analysis, then, should consistently support this thesis. This structure will demonstrate your ability to comprehend a text and demonstrate how it works . . . or

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