Yellow Wallpaper Symbols

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1. Discuss the importance of the authors’ use of symbols to the themes in THREE of the following stories Story | Symbols | Themes | Important? | Yellow wall | The yellow wallpaper | 4Freedom and confinementEscape from confinement Creativity vs rationalityDomestic sphere as prison | Not quite | Everyday Use | many | 3Aesthetic value vs holiness of heritageMatriarchal heritageRoot / identity | Yes! | Red Conver | car | Bond of brotherhoodPost-war depression | okay | In “Yellow Wallpaper”, “Red convertible” and “Everyday Use”, symbols play a significant role in helping the author to present the themes of the stories. In “Yellow Wallpaper”, the theme of space and confinement is brought out through the bars on the windows and the locked door. The space of nursery also provides a system of surveillance. The narrator is trapped in the room, in which the bars on the windows and the…show more content…
The wallpaper, a usually feminine, floral decoration on the interior of walls is used to symbolize the sphere because she is unable to break free from the room, like the narrator who is imprisoned and unable to escape without being strangled by the bars of social expectation. The wallpaper is the thing that the narrator exercises her imagination and identifies with a feminist double figure. When John curbs her creativity and writing, the narrator reverses her initial feeling of being watched by the wallpaper and started actively studying and decoding its meaning. She unties its chaotic pattern and locates the figure of a woman struggling to break free from the bars in the pattern. As her insanity gradually deepens, she is preoccupied with one woman behind the wallpaper and identifies completely with this woman, believing that she is also trapped within the bar-like pattern of the wallpaper. She feels an mysterious connection to the woman and shakes the pattern as she tries to break
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