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Yellow Wallpaper Critical Thinking Essay

  • Submitted by: elieli
  • on March 12, 2012
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Most useful critical thinking habits for “The Yellow Wallpaper”
At times for reader to understand the entire meaning of the story can very difficult; it’s important to use critical thinking for better analyzing and evaluation of the information. By using critical thinking methods the reader begins to think about the story a little deeper to understand the material. Asking questions, examine evidence and accepting uncertainties are the most useful critical thinking habits which benefit to interpret the Charlotte Perkins Gillman story “The Yellow Wallpaper.”
Asking questions is one of the most important critical thinking habits a reader can use to fully understand the story “The Yellow wallpaper.” The reader comes up with some questions and begins to analyses the information after reading the story. The first question is “Why is Jane kept in the room?” The reader then tries to skim through the story to identify and remember the details for this question. Most likely Jane is kept it the room for the reason that she is sick and needs a rest cure treatment. When more questions are asked about Jane’s sickness then the readers can conclude what is really going on. The reader knows that Jane is a patient and the house is specially made. Now a new question comes up; “Is Jane crazy?” The reader finds information in the story that Jane is highly imaginative, seeing things, creeps around the room, addicted to wallpaper, repeats the same words over and over, talks is “gentle” voice, cries at nothing and not sleeping at night. What the reader can draw from the story is that the woman is mentally ill and is currently being treated for her illness in the mental institution. Asking questions helps the reader understand the story, gives the reader helpful information about main character and the house.
Examine evidence is another useful aspect of critical thinking which can help reader to obtain a better thought of the story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Looking closer at the...

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