Yearbook Thesis Essay

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As my first semester of yearbook comes to a close, I wonder how I never thought about joining earlier. As anyone would be, I was extremely excited about having yearbook and was ready to take on any challenges it was going to bring me. And thank God I had that motivation, because like everything in life, nothing comes easy- especially yearbook. But thanks to yearbook and the tasks, challenges and the people pushing me to become a better person, photographer and writer. Being apart of yearbook is a reward in itself. You finally have an excuse to open your mind and step out of your shell, to explore the campus and see all of these new faces that you normally never see. It’s like you’re getting to know the whole school. Listening to their perspectives, problems, and fears; what they love and what they hate. Every club, every sport, every, teacher, administrator, office staff member, every student has something important to say or feel and you have the power to make it heard. Being given this opportunity is something you just can’t pass up. Some may not really see the eminence with being in yearbook, which they should. Most of them just look at the egotistical points of it; “guaranteed” to be pictured in the yearbook. But, with this, I’ve learned to not be so scared of what people think or how people react. It’s okay to throw yourself out into a sea of people and ask questions and get to know people. I will definitely use that for the rest of my life. Another extremely important skill yearbook has helped me with was my writing. I’m not going to go on and on how I was such a bad writer before and now I am some Hemmingway of yearbook, but I have grown with my writing. I can honestly say that with being in yearbook, I try to be as honest and inspiring as I can when I’m writing a main story. I want people to actually read my work and be engaged in reading about the
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