Year Round Schooling: Downfall Essay

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Name Instructor Class Date Year-Round Schooling: The Downfall The United States school systems have been on a traditional calendar of roughly nine months of school and three months summer vacation for the last one-hundred years or so. It seems to work fine; the vast majority of people to go through the traditional calendar don’t seem to be defective in any way. Yet some want to change it; some school officials want to fix something that isn’t broken. Some feel if we have our children go to school year round with more but shorter breaks, they will retain more information and get better grades. The problematic ‘solution’ of year round schooling that is being done by some and considered by more isn’t worth the money, the issues that would arise, and the trouble it would cause for the teachers, children and their families. Many school districts have found that year-round schooling is more costly. For example, running busses all year would cause transportation bills to skyrocket, electric and water bills would also rise for the school, and taxes would go up for the community whether they have children in school or not. How some believe that the year-round system is more cost effective is beyond many that have done actual research. This is just a sneak-peek of the problems that year-round schooling involves. Year-round schooling would cause many issues to arise. Some districts want to switch to year-round schooling to elevate test scores and over all grades. However, research revealed “No significant difference between the two types of schedules” (Merino).Which basically states that if there’s no real learning benefits, then why waste the time and money. Talbot, a writer for the New York Times who had been doing research on year-round schooling in the Manhattan area actually jokingly compared it to “An all-you-can-eat buffet at a lousy

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