Year Of Wonders

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Year of Wonders “The plague will make heroes of us all, whether we will or no” ‘Year of Wonders’ by Geraldine Brooks explores the fearful and heroic way the villagers in Eyam respond to a crisis. As the plague outbreaks, the villagers are faced with immense challenges, as some are forced to show courage and compassion, whereas others are seen as selfish and uncharitable. Brook contrasts the strength of women and their heroic gestures to the weaknesses of men as the villagers are faced with great tragedies. It is made evident that the women in the novel are the powerful support network of the community. Anna Frith the protagonist of the novel is viewed as heroic as she is “a woman who has faced more terrors than many warriors.” (p.15) Anna is faced with the death of her husband Sam Frith and her children Tom and Jamie as she has “tended so many bodies, people I loved and people I barely knew” (p.8) This shows the beginning Anna’s strengths, as she deals with the bodies of those killed by the plague and shows her willingness and courage to help others. Anna takes on great responsibility after the death of the Gowdie’s as she preserves their legacy and continues their work with the help of Elinor Mompellion, as she learns about midwifery and helps with the delivery of Mary Daniel with the use of her “mother-hands” (p.123), regardless of her fear as her own mother died in childbirth. She shows great compassion as she welcomes a lodger George Viccars into her home and tends to him when he has fallen ill with plague and cares for Mrs Bradford’s baby as she flees to Oran. Elinor Mompellion is a heroic woman as she gives selflessly to those in need in the village. Despite her troubled and sinful past, Elinor accepts the ‘punishment’ given to her by her husband and demonstrates determination in her service to others. She shows her great compassion as she acts as a
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