Year 5 Separation Exam

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TEST YOUR SKILLS – YEAR 6 & YEAR 7 FREE PREPARATION EXAM Sitting This Exam Scholarship and entrance exams are specifically designed to identify the very top students. For this reason, they are designed to challenge students beyond their normal level of ability. Therefore, you should expect to find numerous questions very difficult. If you do not immediately understand a question and wish to return to it, you are encouraged to flag the question. This will enable you to later easily identify it. You are advised to use a pen and paper to assist you in working through questions wherever possible. Where appropriate, students are also encouraged to use the strategies developed through Edworks Scholarship Preparation Programs. Remember, you are given…show more content…
Select One Possible Answer: 1). eager, 2). envious, 3). extremist, 4). jealous Question 8 Rearrange the following digits to make the smallest possible number: 0,7,2,8,5. _______________________ Question 9 Complete the analogy: Paediatrics is to young as _________________ is to old. Select One Possible Answer: 1). doctor, 2). geriatrics, 3). medicine, 4). historic Question 10 Unscramble the letters 's,l,e,p,h,a,s' to make a word that means 'unfortunate'. ________________________________________________________ Question 11 Circle which word comes third alphabetically: 1). figurative, 2). figurine, 3). fighting, 4). figured Question 12 A group of peacocks is known as a:__________________ Select One Possible Answer:1). flock, 2). gaggle, 3). pride, 4). peahens Question 13 Which word has a similar meaning to 'novelty'? Select One Possible Answer: 1). new, 2). game, 3). livable, 4). humorous Question 14 Unjumble the words to form a properly structured sentence: car neutral the put the motorist into __________________________________________________________ Question 15 Orange is to juicer as coffee bean is to _________________. Select One Possible Answer: 1). condensor, 2). percolator, 3). grinder, 4). espresso Question 16 Which definition best explains the proverb, 'The early bird catches the worm'. Select One Possible Answer: 1). It is best to start as early as possible to take full advantage of a situation. 2). Being…show more content…
Select One Possible Answer: 1). closeness, 2). volume, 3). space, 4). distance Question 19 What word does not mean the same as 'give'? Select One Possible Answer: 1). transfer 2). present 3). provide 4). capture Question 20 Which definition best describes the proverb, 'A stitch in time saves nine'. Select One Possible Answer: 1). When sewing, it is better to stitch one at a time. 2). If you sew nine stitches at once, it will save you time. 3). Both A and B. 4). It is better to do a task when it first arises, than wait till it becomes more of a chore. Question 21 What is closest in meaning to the word 'solitude'? Select One Possible Answer: 1). secluded, 2). patience, 3). provide, 4). capture Question 22 What piece of furniture can be found in the sentence: Holidays at the cabin etched memories into her mind that would last a lifetime. ______________________________ Question 23 Which numerals complete the following sequence: XI, XVIII, ________, XXXV, XLV. Select One Possible Answer: 1). IXV, 2). XXVI, 3). XIV, 4). XXIV Question 24 Which definition best describes the proverb, 'Variety is the spice of life.' Select One Possible Answer: 1). You need to have spices in your cooking and life. 2). Change and variety makes life more interesting. 3). If you don't have variety in your life, you won't have any spice. Question 25 Quintet is to five

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