Year 12 Art Essay

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Investigate the ways that issues or ideas about identity are addressed in the work of artists. Many things in society shape our identity as a person and form us into the person we are today. These issues and ideas include a filial sense of identity as well as ones culture, gender, religion, pop-culture, current events and specific stereotypes. The artists which have expressed issues and/or ideas about identity are Albert Tucker with his “Self Portrait” in 1945 and “Flirtation” in 1954, Frida Kahlo with “Hummingbird” in 1940 and “Broken Column” in 1944, and Barbara Kruger with “Your body is a Battleground” in 1989 and “Not Stupid Enough” in 1997. Each of these will be analysed by art techniques, elements of art, conceptual framework and the four frames. ALBERT TUCKER SELF PORTRAIT 1945 Albert Tucker enjoyed being part of what he saw as a like-minded group of artists, all focused on producing works along similar themes, in response to war, depression and moral degradation. Tucker's main inspirations can be divided into periods, although he was originally influenced by the depression, post-impressionists, expressionists and social realists. The enlarged eyes looking up, suggests a sense of vulnerability and sorrow. The monochromatic tone accompanies this feel of sorrow and loneliness which forces the audience to perceive Tucker as one with a vulnerable, shy and quiet personality. These characteristics illustrate depression which proves that events occurring in

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