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Utilizing Utilitarianism Personally, I believe there is no way for one person to perfectly uphold and practice one ethical perspective perfectly. In order for one to strengthen their community more than one ethical perspective would have to play a part. This is due mostly because some ethical perspectives in chapter five have been weakened through social change. In today’s society people where tend see the world through a pair of individualistic it’s important to move towards an idea of thinking about the “whole”. In a leadership position I think the nature of the Utilitarianism perspective should come natural. However, it could be easy for the use of this perspective could get out of hand. For example; A leader who has militaristic traits in their leadership style could incorporate a Utilitarianism approach and begin to “cut losses” that aren’t really lost causes. Here lies the weakness in this perspective. Throughout everyday life situations and trials, Utilitarianism proves to be the most useful of the perspectives. However, utilitarianism is a very situational view. There are times when making a decision through this perspective would be easy. This doesn’t exactly hold true in a situation that have dire or serious consequences. Personal feelings may come into play. I believe that a good conscience is necessary to elevate this perspective but, poor “conscience centered” decisions could send things out of control. I haven’t always been a fully altruistic person but, I have always had a decision making process that has thought about repercussions that could be brought among others from my decisions. I want to do whatever is for the greater good of the people directly around me or the “community” around me. I have a very tight circle of friends and there are numerous amounts of times where I have been held in a position where I actually held the group

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